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Presentations from select sessions at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE15) are now available on SIAM Presents…Featured Lectures from Our Archives. You may also view and listen to invited lectures, minitutorials, minisymposia, and Linda Petzold’s talk Celebrating 15 Years of SIAM CSE. You do not need to login to view presentations, though registering will allow you to track the presentations you access. Audio/slides can be viewed by selecting the meeting/course. You can filter the list of sessions by using the selections under “All Tracks” and then connecting to a specific session. You can also view photos from the conference on the SIAM Facebook page. You do not need to log in to Facebook to view the photo albums.


The Johns Hopkins Turbulence Databases are located at http://turbulence.pha.jhu.edu/. Descriptions of the data can be found at http://turbulence.pha.jhu.edu/datasets.htm and include a Los Alamos National Lab direct numerical simulation (DNS) of homogeneous buoyancy driven turbulence on a 1024*3 periodic grid provided by Daniel Livescu. A full description of Livescu's data is at http://turbulence.pha.jhu.edu/docs/README-HBDT.pdf.

Queries can be run using http://turbulence.pha.jhu.edu/webquery/query.aspx. Select the 'mixing' dataset on the drop-down box for the Livescu's dataset. You can perform these small web queries without an authentication token. Additional queries are available using C, Fortran, Matlab, or .Net frameworks. Instructions for these queries are at http://turbulence.pha.jhu.edu/instructionswebserv.htm.